Live @ Tribeca – Take 2.

Monday, September 26, 2016 • Liverpool Arts Society


Liverpool is a marvellous city. It is seen to be doing always something slightly different to the rest of the country. Don’t believe me? Here’s a few examples:

  • Across the country the NHS is – sadly – falling apart, yet in Liverpool we’re building a multi-billion pound, state of the art, brand new hospital.
  • The vast majority of England voted to leave the EU, yet the only places who voted to remain overwhelmingly were London, Liverpool and Manchester.
  • Our independent scene is one of the most unique and thriving in the country right now (See everything the boys at Independent Liverpool have got going on if you don’t believe me).
  • Regional theatres (ie. anything outside of London’s west-end) seem to be left behind by critics, yet we’ve (again) just built a state of the art, multi million pound, brand new Everyman theatre.

The Everyman leads me onto the real subject of this article: the arts. Liverpool does the arts very well. So well in fact, that we have the highest amount of art galleries, theatres, museums etc. in the country outside of London. We value things that touch our soul and make us happy to be alive. Whether that be quietly taking in the amazing sculptures and works in the Tate Modern and the Walker or if it means dancing the night away to good music in good company. However, a group in this city has noticed something missing and they are making it their mission to add a new dimension to this marvellous city. Now, before I go on, I must admit that I am a part of this group, so I obviously write from a bias stand point. However, I am attempting to write as neutrally as possible.

Anyway, this new group is one I am sure you have heard of. You’re reading this blog off their website for Christ sake! The Liverpool Arts Society began life in January as what can only be described as some form of co-operative for theatre makers. Their goal was to break down the idea that people form their own company of a few people and that if everyone comes together to help one another then surely that can only be a good thing. But soon they thought “Why stop there?” Why stop at just theatre makers? Surely if everyone from all corners of the arts come together to create and work together, then the entire arts industry will begin to thrive? Enter their newest venture ‘Live @ TriBeCa.’

Live @ TriBeCa is an event that currently takes place on the last Sunday of every month, with the most recent one happening last night. The aim of the event is for artists from all strands of the arts to showcase their talents to other people in the industry as well as the public, to be able to meet new people/contacts and of course for everyone involved (whether that is someone just coming to watch, or someone getting up to showcase their work) to be able to have a good time.

Last night was the Arts Society’s second attempt at putting on an event like this and even though I was part of the organisation process for this event, I would have to call it a success. There were brilliant acts playing live music, all of which ranged from a 3 piece band doing a Jazz arrangement of The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night, to one lad and his guitar belting out songs with so much passion you’d believe he would die for the music he plays. Now you may just be reading this thinking it sounds just like any old open mic night at any old bar. But you’d be wrong. Like I mentioned earlier, the Arts Society are trying to pull artists together from all corners of the industry to enjoy each other’s work. So as well as music, they showcase art and theatre. Jamie Green a local fine artist worked on his oil painting whilst people around him enjoyed the music and a beer or two. Something Jamie enjoyed, as not many get to see how he works from the comfort of his studio. As the event grows and looks to attract more and more of an audience, the acts will begin to vary. There are already talks of graphic designers, stand-up comedians, slam poets, fine artists and of course more musicians coming along to the next event and it is not even 24 hours after the last event started!

So before I go, I’ll leave you with something that I pondered last night when I got home from the event.

What would I rather be doing with my Sunday night? Would I prefer to sit in my home watching the X Factor and talk about how it’s not even about whether someone can sing anymore, but whether any of my family has died recently? OR would I like to spend my Sunday in a friendly atmosphere, surrounded by old friends and making new ones, while I take in what is but a tiny portion of the talent this city has to offer without having to watch it through a TV screen or moan about how there’s a sob story?

I think I know what one I would rather be doing…

Sunday 23rdOctober – Live @ TriBeCa – Berry Street, Liverpool – Be there or be [  ].