A big creative melting pot… And you’re invited!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 • Liverpool Arts Society


Liverpool has always been a very creative city and its local communities have always been big advocates of its local talent. At the moment, it is a bit of an exciting time to be involved in the Liverpool arts scene, with many new projects and ventures on the back burner, there seems to be a sense that things are going to go BANG very soon. In theatre, the introduction of the new fringe theatre in the Masonic building, is exciting every young theatre maker with the prospect of once again being able to take risks and see their new creations come to life. A few years ago, Liverpool lost a true gem when the Lantern Theatre closed its doors for the last time and since then Fringe Theatre has been somewhat non-existent in Liverpool, so it is safe to say every man and his dog are very excited by what the guys at MAD are doing in the Masonic. The Liverpool music scene is excited by the prospect of ‘SoundCity’ returning to its roots in the Baltic, bringing in exciting big names and offering platforms to up and coming talented local artists. The 2ube consistently delivers high quality platforms and content for up and coming musicians that gives them opportunities for other projects. And the brilliant music venues of Liverpool continue to go from strength to strength giving us the best of what Liverpool has to offer. If you’re a film maker in Liverpool right now, you’re going to be very excited by the amount of high end professional work coming to the city with many major production companies using our streets and buildings to film for Hollywood films. Many brilliant local film companies are rising the ranks and producing incredible work with the Baltic being a buzzing hub for local film makers. MDI offer amazing classes to those seeking to further their skills in Dance and have a brilliant way of showcasing how talented their students are by posting videos of the classes on social media. Instagram has un-knowingly given a platform to so many up and coming artists who want to showcase their work. We are now closer than we have ever been with local artists as we can appreciate their work and learn about their process through the power of social media. Photographers, graphic designers, fine artists can all use the app to market their work in new and innovative ways. If you’re ever wondering what is going on in Liverpool in regards to art, check out the brilliant Art in Liverpool website, they’re very up to date and can let you know about what exhibitions are on and where.


It is because of all this that we have decided to launch our new project. We are aiming to offer a platform in which artists from all corners of the industry can come together, network, share ideas and develop new pieces of work. The new project, ‘The Underground Arts Society’ is a weekly event running out of the Jacaranda. Each week we will host an event of a totally different art form, week 1 may be stand-up comedy, week 2 an Art Exhibition, week 3 an open mic night, week 4 a scratch theatre night and so on. We have put the call out to local creatives and companies who are have been thinking about hosting their own night and we have some incredible nights booked in already. ‘We Want Women’ an all female open mic night will be a resident bringing their event to life every month, the Rubbish Shakespeare Company, Black Market Re-View and many more are also bringing new and innovative events to life in our creative space. We’re offering support creatively and in the form of marketing and finance. We also promise to offer one event a month that has our own signature stamp. A wild, bizarre, immersive and interactive event that makes it easy for you to socialise with complete strangers. Working together with creatives they meet through the events we curate in the previous weeks, we will produce a new secret event that will excite artists of all forms.

Artistic Director, Alex Medlicott, says; “This is an opportunity for artists to work together and support one another. I know when we’re creating an event or show, we need talented people in other areas. You need a graphic designer to create your posters, a choreographer to animate the event or piece and much more. Our aim is to make that opportunity a reality and offer a platform in which artists are in the same room. At the Liverpool Arts Society we are passionate first and foremost about the arts but mostly about people and the creatives that bring us such inspiring new work. It is only in this situation that we can fully understand and appreciate what it is that each of us bring to the community in Liverpool. So, if you’re a creative in the city and you’re interested in meeting new, like-minded individuals, who share your passion for the arts, come and play.”

The launch for this event will take place on the 22nd March at 8pm in the Jacaranda. The event is completely free but make sure you bring some contact details to hand out to people, hopefully you leave with more work than when you came in. There is an evening of live entertainment lined up with live music, art for sale and interactive characters roaming the space. The launch party promises to be a melting pot of creatives from all corners of the industry there to meet new people, so if you’re interested, jump right in.

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