5 hot spots to find FREE live music…

Monday, February 18, 2019 • Liverpool Arts Society

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Recently we’ve been asked by people where they can find FREE live music in our beautiful city. SO… we’ve put together a short list of 5 hot spots where you can find some of the best live music in town. Check them out, or don’t, whatever, don’t care anyway… Please go though.

Grapes – Sunday | 8pm 

For us, there is only one place you should spend your Sunday nights. If you’re living in the city centre and you’re yet to visit the Grapes on a Sunday night, you’re in for a treat. Ever been in a pub and seen it come to life before your eyes? At 8pm, you could be sat in silence, enjoying the tranquillity of a peaceful Sunday pint and slowly but surely this buzzing bar comes to life. You’ll literally see the Jurassic Park trick happening to your pint as the locals flock to Knight Street for a few hours of the finest Jazz music this city can offer. Great company, boss pints and the best sounds around. Gets a 5 out of 5 on Trip Advisor from us, but what do we know, hey?


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2ube – Friday | 5pm – 7pm 

Now, not a lot of people know this, but every Friday evening from 5pm – 7pm LIPA host a fantastic little event called ‘The 2ube” in what is basically their cafeteria.  Now, we honestly can’t tell you many better ways to start your weekend. FREE live music from some of the cities hottest new talent, CHEAP pints… Like student price CHEAP pints, AND its all done by 7pm so you’ve got the rest of your night ahead of you. What more do the people want? In all seriousness, this quality event, ran by a group of students at LIPA, showcases such a fantastic variation of new and innovative music, so if you’re looking to better your knowledge on what new work is coming out of this city, this is the gig for you. For more information get in touch with “The 2ube” via the link; https://www.facebook.com/the2ube/?ref=br_rs 

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Hannah’s Bar – Wednesday | 9pm 

If you’re a fan of the Blues, from Muddy Waters to Howlin’ Wolf, we know exactly where to send you. Every Wednesday night Hannah’s Bar bring the blues to life through the incredible band, ‘The Head Hunters’. With an almost ringleader like front man, slick guitar solos and so much more, this band really can do it all. Even if you’re not that clued up on blues music, there is no resisting the toe tapping sound this group create. I’ve seen it happen… A couple of Prins at the bar crying into their Pornstar Martinis because some lad had liked Steph’s Instagram photo and to quote “It just wasn’t on.” Moments later, I promise you, no word of a lie, cross my heart and hope to die, they were dancing to Boom Boom by John Lee Hooker. A PROMISE YA BABE!

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Ma Egerton’s – Friday |  9pm 

Friday nights are for partying aren’t they? If you’re the type of person who likes to spend their Friday night eating pizza, drinking… lots… and singing along to banger after banger, you need to make your way to Ma Egerton’s for 9pm. Sing-A-Long at Ma Egerton’s is very quickly becoming a famous night out in Liverpool. With excellent showmanship from Tim Lucas and terrific piano skills from Jordan Alexander, Sing Along at Ma’s promises to be the night out you’ve been craving for years. The best way to describe it I guess is like, you know when a family party hits that peak moment where everyone has had just about the right amount of drink and you’re all singing along to all your favourite songs, just before your Auntie boots off and your Dad is asleep at the buffet table? Well, it is just like that! Like one big family party without all the drama! I know what I’m doing next Friday. See you there!

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Hope Street Cocktail Bar – Tuesday | 8pm

Tuesday nights have never been very sexy have they? It’s not often someone asks, “What you doing on Tuesday night?” and you’ve got a belter answer for them is it? Well, let us change that for you. Tuesdays are the new Saturdays. Saturdays are boring, who even goes out on a Saturday anymore? That’s so last year. Tuesdays, Tuesdays are the one. The Hope Street Cocktail Bar plays host to a pretty unique event every Tuesday night from 8pm. ‘Lyrics Live’, hosted by “The Joanna’s” is an inclusive and inviting musical space that offers audience members the chance to get up and sing along with the group. With delicious and CHEAP cocktails, great company and all the classics you could ask for, ‘Lyrics Live’ is always a great way to spend your new Saturday, now a Tuesday, night. Go along! You’ll love it!

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Well, there it is! Our 5 places to catch FREE live music throughout the week in Liverpool. Obviously, you can head to Heebies, the Jac, the Cavern, Erics and all the rest, but you knew that anyway didn’t you? Go wherever you want, do whatever you want. We’re not judging. Merely nudging you in a direction. Enjoy and see you next time!