The biggest & best week of our lives!

Monday, July 15, 2019 • Liverpool Arts Society


Have you ever heard stories of the Everyman Bistro? How it was home to creative minds, who spent their nights conjuring up new and whacky ideas, all whilst filling up on couscous and cheap wine. Or how Mello-Mello was a Mecca for Liverpool’s musicians, flocking in their hundreds for impromptu jazz nights and well, cheap wine. It is venues like them where people could push boundaries, voice opinions and give birth to creative ideas. Hope Street is Liverpool’s unwritten creative district, acting as a landlord to noisy, theatrical and musical tenants. You can catch a show or gig, dine in top quality restaurants and even catch a ghost story or two. WELL Hope Street now has a new and exciting addition…

The Liverpool Arts Society is a collective of creative practitioners with the shared passion for the arts in Liverpool. We strive to do three things; support and subsidise the creation of new work, provide a platform for other performers to showcase their talents and to create their own innovative productions in new and exciting spaces.  Now in our third year of function and running from our HUB in the heart of Liverpool’s creative quarter, we have now moved on to one of our biggest and most exciting projects yet.

las launch-15las launch-2

After taking control of the ground floor space in 22 Hope Street, also the home of the ‘Hope Street Theatre’. We have turned the space in to a fresh, new and creative space taking the name of the ‘Liverpool Arts Bar’. A comfortable and fun café/bar where artists can come to develop new ideas, work on new projects and meet like-minded creatives. We are encouraging daytime jamming sessions with local musicians, offering a quiet library space filled with scripts of old and new where theatre makers can come for inspiration and also, give artists the opportunity to hang and sell their work. If you’re a musician with material on Spotify, you can request to be put on our local music playlist. If you’re putting on a theatre production you can advertise auditions on our notice board and if you’re an artist with no studio space you can use the bar during the day to work on your projects. We have a small stage space for acoustic gigs, poetry nights, scaled down theatre performances, stand-up comedy and much more. The venue is also directly linked to our rehearsal studio that already offers subsidised hire to help the development of new work, so if you’re looking for space, you know where to go.

las launch-5las launch-7

We are so excited by this new venture. It really is a dream come true and it has definitely been the biggest week of our lives. After returning from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015 we got together and decided we wanted to create something that helped us do three things; meet new people, share ideas and create new work. Now, after years of working with so many amazing people we feel that this venue will bring to life our ethos and bring together a community of creative people that all share a huge passion.

We are serving a wide range of hot and cold drinks as well as vegan pies, peas & gravy made by the ‘Gluten Free Pie Company’ just across the road. We’re open from noon till late, playing great music, serving quality bevs and chatting the hind legs off all the donkeys. We can’t say a big enough thank you to everyone who has supported us and helped us along the way. Without you, none of this would be possible. We have had an amazing week so far and can’t wait to see what the future brings!

So, head down to the Arts Bar and check out our buzzing space that is perfect for fun, business and creativity.